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David C. Branch

Plastic Surgery

About Dave Branch

David C. Branch is an M&A expert who – in 2009 – founded Viper Equity Partners in Palm Beach, Florida, where he resides. Over the past decade, David has grown his firm into America’s leading transition consultation firm for the medical industry, working with dentists, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons on consolidation for the best interest of both their practices and their patients. 

Alongside working professionally with Dentists, Dermatologists, and Plastic Surgeons, David C. Branch is personally passionate about the field of plastic surgery.  He’s fascinated by how rapidly the industry has grown and loves the opportunity it offers people to help them restore their confidence and feel better in their bodies. Where procedures used to require recovery and downtime, advancements in the field have made it possible for an individual to undergo a facelift procedure without surgery in the morning and then meet their friends for lunch looking ten years younger. Additionally, through new treatments like Coolsculpting, patients can sit up in a chair for a 25-minutes, and after a few sessions, they can have an eight-pack. 

Plastic surgery is changing people’s outlook on life like never before. There is comfort and security in the knowledge that you can look and feel younger as you age and still love your face and body 40 years down the line. David wants people to understand that, for several thousand dollars, you can completely rejuvenate your look and revolutionize your life. 

At Viper Equity Partners, David C. Branch works with these plastic surgery practices to help them consolidate practices by managing the entire process of forming partnerships and completing acquisitions of companies. Through his decades of experience in all areas of the business, David has developed the communication skills necessary to help bring together two experts from different industries and help them communicate the benefits that partnerships can offer one another. 

Through consolidation, these firms can offer better pricing, higher quality marketing, more efficient IT, better benefits packages for their employees, and a better environment and experience on the whole for the patients. As consolidation increasingly becomes an attractive option for these firms, David hopes to see it becomes more accepted by the medical community and more mainstream overall. 

For more information on David C. Branch, Viper Equity Partners, and the consolidation work they do for dentists, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons, check out David’s blog page!

You can find Dave and Viper Equity Partners in Palm Beach, FL! The company is the country’s leading transition consultation firm for medical and dental industries. They work primarily with dentists, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists.