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Medical aesthetics are always evolving. In 2020, there have been some continuing, steady trends that have held over from 2019. Some new, breakthrough procedures have also emerged in recent months. These procedures are designed to address issues including fine lines, wrinkles, hair growth and augmented lips. These medical aesthetics treatments have great benefits. They help people to look and feel their best no matter what else is going on in the world.


One aesthetic procedure that’s been popular for a few years now is platelet-rich plasma, or PRP. PRP first became famous in popular culture as the “vampire facial” loved by the Kardashians. PRP treatments involve drawing blood from the patient, then centrifuging it to separate the plasma and platelets from red blood cells. PRP can be delivered back to the body via injections or through microneedling channels. The brilliant thing about this treatment is that it uses the body’s own materials to address aesthetic issues. PRP can be used to stimulate hair growth or for facials. The plasma is protein-rich and the theory is that it can help rebuild structures beneath the skin.


Injectables are still popular, but in a way this category has taken an unusual turn. Preventative injectables are a new trend that is gaining ground. Evidence is starting to pile up showing that early use of injectables has measurable benefits. Doctors are seeing clinical proof that using fillers or neuromodulators in the 20s and 30s can make the aging process easier. Early maintenance means avoiding bigger procedures down the line. Responsible aestheticians and doctors advise being careful and not going overboard when young. Small amounts of products like Botox are more than adequate at an early age. The goal should be to look natural, not frozen.


Finally, the power of touch is more important than many people realize. Treatments like massage for lymphatic drainage have become very popular. Using tools to mitigate inflammation in the fascia is also really important in helping to tighten the skin and just feel better overall. Innovative tools like the Fascia Blaster have become popular for home use, too. Doctors have also seen an uptick in the use of things like EmSculpt. EmSculpt harnesses electromagnetic energy to contract muscles and get great definition.