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Individuals might choose to undergo plastic surgery for a variety of health or confidence-boosting purposes. That said, such procedures are serious medical undertakings that typically must be required by an experienced plastic surgeon. However, not all plastic surgeons are the same. When choosing such a professional, individuals are encouraged to weigh the following considerations:


Board Certification

Board certification ensures that the surgeon in question possesses the skills, education and training mandated to safely and effectively perform cosmetic-related procedures. Any type of surgery presents certain risks. That said, going under the knife with someone who does not possess those qualifications might truly place the intended recipient in peril. Medical professionals recommend not doing business with any surgeon not certified with the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, of the ABCS.


The Operating Facility

Most people share the desire to have their procedures performed in the safest and most technologically-equipped environments possible. When opting for a specific plastic surgeon, prospective patients should not be afraid to inquire about the intended operating facility’s accreditation level. Specific accreditations to be aware of include AAAASF, AAAHC, JCAHQ and IMQ. Moreover, a prospective patient will want to confirm the qualifications of the anesthesiologist the surgeon will work in tandem with. Qualified anesthesiologists will carry either the Certified Registered Nurses Anesthetist, or CRNA qualification or be recognized as a Board Certified Anesthesiologist.


Expertise And Experience

While qualifications are important, few measures quantify a plastic surgeon’s viability more than the professional in question’s expertise and experience levels. Prospective patients might inquire about where the surgeon attended school, if they possess extensive experience performing the type of surgery the patient intends to undergo and can produce a relatively long list of satisfied customers.



Plastic surgery is often a pricey undertaking. However, prospective patients are encouraged to investigate several different possibilities. Should a specific surgeon be willing to perform a specific procedure for far less cost than another professional and possess the pertinent certifications and experience level, they might prove to be viable options.


Patient Comfort Level

Arguably, the most crucial factor when choosing a plastic surgeon is the patient’s individual comfort level. Individuals who will entrust someone to perform surgery on them should feel comfortable working with this person. If the surgeon in question gives off any “bad vibes,” the prospective patient should explore other options.