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While the way that people look often affects how others perceive them, there is a self-perception in individuals that either increases or reduces their confidence and attitudes. For many people, facial surgery and injections that improve their appearances are not just beautifying; such procedures help to restore their confidence and positive feelings. And, because in the youth-oriented culture of today, looking older is frequently a disadvantage to a person wishing to be hired or promoted, there is good cause for individuals to seek improvements to their physical appearances.


Advantages of Botox

There are numerous options for people wishing to regain more youthful appearances to restore their self-confidence and gain advantages. Among these choices are Botox and facelifts, both of which remove wrinkles and smooth the skin. Injections of Botox are minimally invasive, so they cause no swelling or bruising. With such doses, a person looks better immediately and can quickly resume his or her daily routines. For people who are working and very busy outside of their employment, Botox is a quick fix, although it is temporary and does not improve sagging skin.


Advantages of Facelifts

Facelifts significantly restore a youthful appearance by correcting more severe issues than can Botox, such as removing bags under the eyes and any sagging skin. A facelift can last for 10 years or more, whereas Botox only lasts three months or more. But, because a facelift is a surgical procedure, a person must undergo anesthesia. Also, having a facelift causes bruising and swelling, so a person having this surgery needs one to two weeks at home before returning to a healthy appearance.There are some dangers to facelifts, but most of the effects are minor, such as hair loss at the incision. Although the skin swells from the operation, it usually returns to its healthy appearance in a short time. Having a reputable surgeon perform the facelift prevents any irregularities from happening. Since they have visible signs of the operation after facial surgery, many people take some time off from their work for their skin to heal. When they return, fellow workers perceive them as appearing well-rested and refreshed, restoring the individual’s confidence in his/her appearance.