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Plastic surgery is more popular, affordable, and safer than ever before. We’ve seen the number of people getting cosmetic procedures continue to rise steadily over the last five years, and we only expect plastic surgery’s popularity to increase. According to the ASPS, plastic surgeons performed 1.8 million cosmetic procedures last year alone. People seek out plastic surgery to accomplish a variety of goals. Here are some of the many reasons people undergo cosmetic procedures today. 


Boost Self Esteem

One of the main reasons people seek out plastic surgery is to help them feel like the best version of themselves. Confidence and self-acceptance play important roles in our everyday lives. Feeling good about yourself can change your attitude about everything. As people age, however, they may lose some confidence as their body changes. Although aging is natural, some people simply feel better with a few small procedures. This confidence has the potential to greatly improve their quality of life! Other people simply want to change something about their appearance and feel better about their body. 


Health Reasons

Many people pursue plastic surgery for health reasons rather than aesthetic ones. Many people now know that Botox helps relieve chronic migraines. But did you know it also helps with conditions such as excessive sweating, Bell’s palsy, and perhaps even major depression

Some women opt for a breast reduction surgery to help reduce painful back problems. Other people have lost weight, and want to remove extra skin that can lead to rashes and infections. Plastic surgery helps reduce pain, side effects of conditions, and overall helps people lead their best life. 


Self Care

Millennials have been leading a trend of self-improvement intertwined with self acceptance. They feel that they get to make choices regarding their body and self, and they don’t need to apologize for anything. This bold stance has inspired other generations to follow suit. Today, people are more comfortable with their self-care rituals, even when they require surgery and aesthetic changes. 


In the past, some people were embarrassed to receive plastic surgery. These days, however, people are rightfully realizing that cosmetic procedures are nothing to be ashamed of. Now people are excited to undergo procedures and feel better about themselves. Thanks to social media, many decide to share pictures and post about their story.