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When you’re planning to undergo plastic surgery, the costs may seem prohibitive and daunting. As tempting as it is, do not bargain shop for your surgery. There are methods to help you save money on your chosen procedure or procedures while still working with a reputable and safe plastic surgeon.

Take Advantage of Specials

If you are considering plastic surgery or another cosmetic procedure, it might help check with your provider if they offer deals or specials on the procedures you want. In addition, manufacturers of injectables or other cosmetic items may have their loyalty and rewards programs to save money.

Get a Military Discount

If you or your spouse are active-duty military members, you may receive a military discount at your provider of choice. Ask potential providers if they offer this discount.

Research Financing Options

If you don’t wish to pay the whole amount at once, numerous plastic surgery financing options you can look into. Often, these financing agreements work similarly to a credit card made explicitly for plastic surgery. Each provider will be different, so be sure to ask what options your surgeon offers.

Pay in Cash

When clients can pay in cash, it saves the business money. Some businesses like to pay those savings forward in the form of discounts. If this option is feasible for you, it may help trim money off of your surgery expenses.

Schedule Procedures Together

Scheduling multiple procedures on the same day saves OR and anesthesia fees. It also lessens the time taken off of work for recovery. If you are considering multiple procedures, scheduling them together may save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars off of your surgeries in the end.

Save Money Strategically

Other ways to save money toward your future surgery include:

      • Putting money from other sources like eating out toward plastic surgery savings instead
      • Meal prepping to save money on food during recovery
      • Asking if family and friends will help with childcare after surgery
      • Planning your surgery around holidays or days, you already have off of work