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The world is going through unprecedented changes due to the current COVID pandemic. Every industry is evolving, and plastic surgery is no exception. We’re seeing plenty of changes, from how patients will visit a practice to what sort of procedures are popular. The following areas are just a few examples of the expected changes due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 


More Usage of Telemedicine

Plastic surgeons have cancelled or rescheduled procedures during this time. The majority of practices only allow essential procedures to help limit emergency room visits. Due to the decrease in in-person visits, telemedicine has become more popular than ever before. Now patients can have virtual visits to diagnose and treat acne and rosacea, get a prescription refilled, and even consultations regarding future surgeries. 

Now that more people are using telemedicine and becoming more comfortable with virtual visits, we can expect many to continue this trend, even once things settle down. 


Changes in Office Visits

Visits to physical locations have changed, too. Safety and hygiene have always been important, but now physicians are taking even more precautions. Now many places require patients to wear masks and gloves and leave any guests behind. They may require a temperature check upon entering the office. 

Many offices have made everything completely touchless. They’ve also added more sanitizer stations, air filters, plastic barriers, and more. A COVID vaccine is still at least 18 months away, so we can expect to see these measures stay in place for a long time. 


Return to More Natural Looks

COVID hasn’t just changed the way offices operate, but it will likely even change the procedures people seek. Previously, many people followed more dramatic trends, such as lifted eyebrows and overfilled lips. All this may change, however. Now that people have stayed at home and slowly become more comfortable with their bodies after Botox has worn off, they will want to return to a more natural, subtle look. 

After staying at home for weeks, people will shift their priorities when it comes to transforming their features. Exaggerated looks have become less popular over the years, and this pandemic may be what officially ends the trend. Now people will focus more on enhancing, rather than transforming, their features. 

The COVID pandemic has transformed the plastic surgery industry in a matter of months. The changes practices have made, however, will likely be around for far longer.