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Any surgery is serious, and that includes plastic surgery. Cosmetic procedures can have serious complications, and every surgeon has their own approach to a procedure. Sometimes, people feel awkward about the idea of seeking a second opinion. However, it’s a good idea to explore options thoroughly when it comes to something as serious as a medical procedure.

The importance of getting a second opinion is widely recognized. For surgeries that are deemed necessary, most insurance plans will cover a second consultation. That’s true even for Medicare Part B. For patients who’ve undergone medically necessary mastectomies, it’s possible to get more than one consultation for reconstructive surgery.

Most surgeons understand it when patients get second opinions, too. They understand how important the work they do is. They know that it can change lives. A surgeon is likely to test drive more than one car before making a purchase. In fact, they’d probably check in with many of their colleagues before deciding on a surgeon themselves. It’s a hallmark of professionalism for surgeons to support patients in seeking more than one opinion before having an operation.

One of the most important reasons to shop around before selecting a surgeon is that it’s important for a patient’s goals to align with a provider’s. Sometimes, a provider subscribes to a different physical ideal than a patient does. While they may be a very qualified surgeon, it’s important for clients to look for a provider they feel truly comfortable with. 

It’s also not mandatory for anyone to disclose that they’ll be talking to other surgeons. However, surgeons can be good sources of referrals. They don’t want to work with people who aren’t certain about moving forward with them. Many surgeons are comfortable providing the names of colleagues who have the same specialty as they do. There’s no shortage of demand for plastic surgery. In fact, during 2020, the demand for cosmetic procedures actually went up.

Of course, there are times when surgery has to be done very quickly. Similar to general surgeons, plastic surgeons are qualified to operate on any part of the body. If someone has a serious wound that must be closed quickly, the first plastic surgeon on call is likely the best one.