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You might think that in the age of body positivity that people would not be encouraged to get plastic surgery. But there has been a spike in cosmetic procedures ever since 2017. A common misconception people make is factoring in that plastic surgery makes you insecure but it doesn’t. With plastic surgery more affordable than ever before, people now have the tools to enhance their physical appearance.

The cosmetic procedures that people have been getting more often are some of the most common in the field. For example, breast augmentation procedures are up by 4% according to a study from 2017. And liposuction procedures are also up by 5%. One can only blame the body positivity movement for these procedures being on the rise. More people than ever before are finding ways to cope with aging by being more open with the procedures they want to get.

While people are more prone to body sculpting procedures on average, there are also minimally-invasive procedures like laser hair removal, fillers, and botox. With more people going for natural looks, some procedures aren’t necessarily worth the money these days. And people are not gravitating towards hair removal these days.

Another thing to consider when deciding to get some work done is your own, personal mental health. In the age of social media, we are exposing ourselves more so than ever before. With that, there is more desire to look perfect than ever before without using a filter.

Advancements in the equipment used in cosmetic procedures are another reasoning for the rise in plastic surgery we are seeing. For example, we did not even have lasers a decade ago and now they are in just about every office that offers cosmetic procedures. There have also been advancements in botox. In the past, there was only line-smoothing botox. Now there are three different options to choose from that all serve different purposes.

You may think that cosmetic procedures are just for those wanting to enhance their look, but there have been proven health benefits in some cases. For example, botox has been known to help improve symptoms of migraines and help improve excessive sweating.

It’s time to stop thinking that getting plastic surgery is a bad thing. If you have the money to do so, a procedure could also improve your self-confidence. Some people just want a little bit of improvement to a problem area to feel good about themselves.